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At Brisas Group, we are committed to bringing you exceptional service and are prepared to welcome you at any of our properties. However, we are aware that your travel plans may be altered given the current situation. We have implemented a flexible reservation policy so you can make any changes without penalty.

For any questions, please contact your reservation executive.

If it was through us, call + 52 55 53 39 10 10 from 9 am to 5 pm (GMT-6) from Monday to Friday.

We appreciate you choosing Brisas Group and for putting your trust in us, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Grupo Brisas, always concerned with the well-being of our clients and collaborators reinforces the health measures due the current covid-19 crisis.

So your stay can be safe and pleasant.


  • Kitchen personnel always wear a facemask, and it is constantly changed according to the Distinctive H standards.
  • Before having any contact with any food, hands are washed and disinfected.
  • We handle all food according to established regulation by Distinctive H and Cofepris.
  • We wash and disinfect surfaces, plates and tables with chemicals and expose them to high sanitation temperatures.


  • We clean and disinfect bathrooms and surfaces with chemical products daily.
  • All whites are daily changed, washed and dried at high temperatures under indicated sanitary measures.
  • Housekeepers and personnel do their activities wearing a facemask.


  • Restaurants, aisles, lounges, front desk and all surfaces are cleaned and disinfected constantly during the day to ensure all bacteria and pathogens are eliminated.
  • A/C´s are maintained properly.
  • All around the hotel you will find antibacterial gel available for the use of guests and collaborators.


  • Personnel has been trained to handle all preventive indications.
  • All guests are checked and observed for any virus symptoms in order to be treated by the hotel doctor or be referred to the closest clinic.
  • Reinforcement of the security and hygiene commission in case any crisis has to be attended.
  • Active contact follow-up with local authorities in order to be ready to activate any national protocol.
  • Constant revision and update on all med kits.


Brisas Group, Always With You


Mexico City, April 13, 2020Brisas Group, which has always remained committed to providing unique experiences and maintaining the Brisas hospitality standard, announced today that it is pausing hotel operations in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic. We are following the instructions provided to us by the government and encourage everyone to stay at home at this time. In solidarity with the community, Brisas Group are closing all our hotels.


We know these are not easy times for many and that the most important thing at this time is that we all take care of our health so that we may, very soon again, be able to share those unforgettable moments that make you feel “La Brisa”, and invite you back again to spend your holidays at your second home, our hotels.


Achieving this will depend on all of us – as a society and individuals – and knowing that we can count on your choice, the team at Brisas Group encourages you to #DontCancelPostpone. The reservation center will remain open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., where an advisor will be available to help you determine the best day for your next stay:


1.866.221.2961 / 1.855.696.3999


[email protected]