When we say ROMANTIC, we really mean it...

"I remember being seated in the waiting room facing my bridesmaids, and that's when it hit me: It's really happening. Right before that I was busy getting ready with all details of the wedding and focusing on my dress. But suddenly there I was, just looking at them all looking back to me… then I so you, my first sight of you waiting for me at the altar... – it was amazing".

This is one of the moments you will re-enjoy when having a Romantic Dinner... follow your dream and have a special catering service for two at any of our properties. We can set it up for you in your Room Patio, at our exclusive beaches or in our gardens.

Whether you are celebrating your honeymoon, or you are about to say "YES" or about to propose.... or simply want to have a romantic dinner, we can assist you to have exactly what you want, from a candlelight dinner by the beach, to secure a Mariachi band, or a Trio, or Fireworks, or even a private yacht for the two of you, etc.

We promise you this will be a dinner to remember forever. This will be a great way to start!

Please click at any of our destinations, and see what we can offer you or simply contact our Concierge online and she will be happy to arrange whatever you have in mind to surprise him or her.